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i do not know what i am doing

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You should do what you feel is right hun. I know its hard to take a break, but if you need one then you should take one. Do what you thin is best.

You have my number if you wanna talk.

Vikki x
Do what you think is best... if you think that the forum is getting triggering or anything, then I'd say its best to take a break. Look after yourself first, before you try to help other people. Generally I find that works better heh. Take care hun. :hug:

kath, take the time to think through what it is you need right now. If you need to step away from the forum then do so. I know that it is much easier said than done. The people here become like a family and not so easy to walk away from. I find when I try to go away for even a few days, my mind wonders about how everyone is doing, whether they are happy or sad, etc. and I have to come check. Maybe you could limit yourself to certain areas of the forum, or only reply to those which you feel strongly about. Or take a much deserved break. You will be supported with whichever choice you decide to make. You presence here would be missed, but we would all understand. Do what is best for kath. You are what is so important. :hug:
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