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i don´t know if i can keep going

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...i'd like to say that i know how you feel..but there isn't much chance of that..

...all that i guess i can say is that lately i've had similar thoughts as of late...

- Henry


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i dont think anyone can fully understand what you are going through because everyone is going through something different.

So i wish i knew what you were going through so i could say something good... but my heart is with you, i know the feeling of pain even if it is for a different reason... sometimes i wish i was with some of the people on these threads face to face to give a shoulder to lean on...


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sometimes words of support can seem to come to late. we do stuff that we may or may not regret but then again these words may help for the future.

....no need to say thank you....
and remember that there are always people standing behind you here to support you. people here do care..... strenght is within you even if you can not see it.... i can see it just by you reaching out for support here....
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