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I donated blood today. It went well

I gave blood to the Red Cross.
I was scared of going because of Coronavirus, but I thought I should go because of Coronavirus.
I got a face shield to go with my mask though, so I didn't worry as much.

I was nervous though because I don't like needles.
I get itchy when I get nervous but thankfully, it didn't start up while I was getting stuck and bled.

The nurse was nice.
I tried making a joke, but I don't know if she thought it was funny or it made her uncomfortable.
She kept remarking about me having big veins(for the needle) and I said thank you you're the first person to compliment me on my veins.
I forgot her response it was either "thanks" or "okay".
She sounded uncomfortable, but I hope I didn't make her feel that way.

I didn't eat or drink anything afterward, (someone told me I didn't have to) because I was scared of Coronavirus from eating and touching things with my fingers.
I just waited about 10 minutes and left.
I felt fine though, and I wasn't driving anyway.

I ate more food than usual when I got home, to replace the iron.

That was my positive experience.


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Hey, well done for doing something good for others even though it made you a bit scared, see, you are not a worthless loser. *hug

I'm sure the nurse didn't feel uneasy, you were just showing your humour, I'm sure she gets that a lot, I don't see anything wrong with it.

Way to go *hug


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This is brave and caring of you to do especially given the current health concerns. *shake

When I donated, I always ate the snack while waiting. Hey - free food! I understand your decision not to snack this time, since you weren't driving home. Donations take the oomph outta me for a couple days so i haven't donated lately. Maybe will consider again in the future. Thanks for sharing your positive experience.

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