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i don't believe this

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I've been having panic attacks, a couple just today. Someone suggested I take my anti-anxiety med and when I went to look for it, it's gone! There's only one explanation. My stepson stole it. It's not the first time he's stolen prescription meds from us. He once stole my husband's nitroglycerin tablets! All in a vain attempt to get high. And he doesn't feel any remorse when he's caught!

He's stolen painkillers, anti-anxiety meds, nitro, antihistamines... you name it!

I don't believe this! I finally decide to stop toughing it out and help myself and I can't! :argh: I feel like screaming! And I'm still panicking... I don't know what to do now.


Wow thats horrible! If you really need your meds maybe you should just ask your son to give them back, but don't get mad and flip...until after you get them. Sit him down and try to explain to him that you guys need these meds and that they can seriously harm him, just a suggestion. I hope you feel better <3:smile:


Wow that's cold-blooded! Stealing meds from someone who suffers panic attacks. If he'd do that, I doubt he would be man enough to own up to it and give them back. Hopefully your doctor can re-prescribe them for you.


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We've tried the whole "if you take this it won't get you high, it'll just hurt you and we really need them" and he doesn't care. He also doesn't care that we actually need these meds. Otherwise he wouldn't have taken his dad's nitrogylcerin that time. And no, he won't ever admit he took them. He's a pathological liar. You really can't believe anything he says.
Buy a metal cash-tin from somewhere like Argos or WHSmith (I think that's cheaper). You can keep all the meds in it and access it with a key when you need them. It will stop your stepson from taking them, unless he breaks into it - in which case you have the evidence that someone has broken into it.

It might just be an empty threat, but if that does happens you could threaten to report him to the police for stealing. It might be enough to make him stop trying, if you did.

I sort of forgot to take my citalopram and haven't been taking it for a week or so, now... x_x
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I know EXACTLY what you mean...my 17 yr old step son has taken my meds in the past also...pain medication, Klonopin and some antidepressants that are supposed to help me sleep....which they dont but thats another story.....hes always stood by his story...no i didnt take them....etc etc....but im very VERY careful with my meds and know exactly what i have and how many....paranoid because of my little one I guess...

I ended up getting a lock box from....Wal-Mart i think....it wasnt much, i cant remember but it was under 30.00 for a small one...and i keep ALL of my meds in there now and the keys are hidden...its a pain in the ass to have to go and get my meds from there twice or more times a day but nothings gone missing since we started doing that...

I also have panic attacks so i know what they feel like and i really hope yours gets better soon...mine arent NEARLY as bad as they used to be...started having mine in 1994 and they were so bad that i ended up with Agoraphobia and was a recluse for ages....thank GOD they are so much better now...

If you ever need to talk about then or anything really....feel free to PM me or IM on MSN.... broken_life_one@hotmail.com
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