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i dont even know if i have done the right thing .

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i dont know if i have done the right choice for telling Dr.<editmoderator total elipse name deleted> about my plan .
afterall it been quite a few weeks/month since i plan it ,
and everything should go accordingly to plan .

home treastment team took away all my medication in case of me overdose .
i know they did the right thing and it is just to help me ,
but i hated it , all the effort of saving up the medication ,
all the effort of hiding it away from everyone just trashed like that ,
i hate the fact of how i m just still thinking of other way to kill myself while all the other are just trying to help me ,

i really want to just help myself and just fixed it all or be patient enough to wait for the time to heal , but i couldnt , and i couldnt explain why i needed this so badly that i m willing to risk anything and be selfish like this . all i can said when the nurse asked me why m i suicidal is i m fed up ,
i sincerely m fed up ,
i just couldnt describle it any more further then this :(
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Hun you need to tell your doctor how you are feeling so you can get proper help okay to feel better It is good you told I deleted dr name okay for privacy reasons hope you continue to be open with your doctor
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