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I don't feel justified to be upset

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I'm so upset right now. I just need to rant and get some outside perspective. Honest outside perspective because if I'm wrong, let me have a better reason than my father's "Because I'm the king of this house"
I fight with my dad constantly, my mom has been out of the picture for years and the only reason I even know she hasn't disappeared is some random text message she sends me once a month.
I feel like everyone assumes too much. I feel like I'm just as much to blame for these fights I'll randomly have, but everytime I ask someone to clarify why they're upset they scream it's my fault because I'm young, stupid or "ignorant" about the "real world". I feel like I have no control. I feel like my stomach is going to implode and no one seems to get it. I'm seventeen, out of high school and trying my best (considering minors can't seem to do anything in regard to work and the "real world") to try and become an adult. But there is always something wrong with what I do, and everytime I make a mistake or even point out something that my parents may say that I think is wrong in the incorrect tone, everything goes to heck and I'm reminded that I'm too dumb and young to know what I'm saying, and that I'm wrong because I'm supposed to be an adult, because I've had sex and am about to by a car (with money I've earned btw). I've never done drugs, I'm not pregnant, I graduated high with honors, I've never been late to anything, I'm organized when it comes to my life (granted my rooms a little cluttered, but whose isn't?) and I'm tired of being denied the respect I've worked for.
I'm seventeen, I've accomplished more than anyone in my family has, and yet I'm looked down upon and constantly screamed at because I don't have "real world" knowledge?
I call bullpoop on that one.
PS: What IS the "real world"? Because I'm pretty sure I can handle more responsibility than a lot of the "respectable adults" living in it.
Ugh. :PP


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It sounds like that your parents have their own issues… Who knows, maybe they are even jealous of you in a way?

You are 17. You have done well. You have also earned money to buy a car. Keep up the good work. Don’t let anyone or anything put you down…

There may be something they may not be able to explain to you for some reason. Maybe they don’t feel that you can understand it the way they would like you to for the time being. This is where patience could be helpful. You can only do what you can now. We cannot control what others think or say about us, but we can choose not to allow them to hurt us by their insensitive or even hurtful words - you are not wrong just because your father says that you are wrong. Quite often, adults may be wrong but they would not admit it to their children…

I’m not sure if you are hoping that your father would give you opportunities to handle more responsibility. It may be hard for him to see you as an adult yet because parents tend to see their children as little children even when their children are much older. However, maybe you can continue to prove with your actions that you are more and more mature and reliable…

Don’t try too hard to become an adult. Enjoy your youthhood - you will be an adult soon enough :)
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