I don't feel like I can do it.

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  1. Athnys

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    I have no self-confidence at all. I doubt my ability to do well in most things.

    Tomorrow is my first exam of the semester. It's for the second semester of basic accounting. I got an A for the first semester of the course; none of my grades were below 100.

    This exam is on petty cash, perpetual and periodic inventory journals, bank reconciliations, and costs of goods sold. I know how to do all of them and I've studied all week for the exam, but I dread the exam because I feel like there's something I don't understand well enough. I can't find what it is, but I feel like I'm going to break my 100% streak on this upcoming test.

    I have very high standards for myself; in my mind, any grade less than an A may as well be an F.

    This anticipation of failure is not limited to my accounting exam. I always feel like my efforts in most things are not good enough and never will be, and even if I do something right I still see a problem with how it came out. If I succeed I feel like I didn't deserve it, and if I fail then I feel like a failure.
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    Hi hun you are a perfectionist then hun in a way You will never be happy then hun because noone can be perfect all the time hun I do hope you can get some therapy to help change this mindset of yours It is nice to see you reaching out here for some help but please get some councilling for you okay
  3. Athnys

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    I think my perfectionism is due to my best never seeming to be good enough for peers, teachers, and my parents when growing up. No one cared if I did something well, but everyone was on my back if I made a mistake or didn't do very well in a class.
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    yes i can see how that would make you try harder hun but in real life people don't look at that hun they look at the person okay Lots of employers will take someone with a B average because they know they had to work hard to get that They do not want a perfectionist hun the want someone that can be happy with themselves i do hope you can get some therapy to undue the harm done by your parents and professionals hugs
  5. Athnys

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    I took the exam and I think I did okay, but I still feel like I'll go back to class and receive a D or an F.