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i dont get it!! *VERY STRONG LANGUAGE*

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I SERIOUSLY dont fucking get people theses days, come crying to me with blah blah this or blah blah. Fair enough i can take that but people who's actions contredict everything they've fucking said to me really pisses me off. If you gonna do what ever u want to do any way, why fucking bother telling me all the things i get told!!!! i just dont fucking get it!!! it fucking hurts that i spend so much bloody time telling people things, calming them down and then i feel like i get it all fucking thrown right back in my fucking face! why the fuck should i bother any more if this what i fucking get. Yeah i can really see that people bloody care, what a load of fucking bollocks! im sick of being hurt and im sick of feeling like im being used when theres no one bloody left and that im the one in the wrong for fucking getting upset! exactly what fucking happened today. Im sick of this whole fucking situation! and im not the only fucking person. Can't people see what their bloody doing or they too fucking naive to even see that!?!? give a guy what he want right, make him happy, well maybe i should give this who wants something from me, exactly what he wants. He wants one thing otherwise he wouldnt of asked me that. So why not just fucking give it to him. The words from someone else 'at least someone will be happy' or something like that! im all about pleasing people, might aswell just degrade myself and show no repsect for myself and just fucking do what he wants! why fucking not. people making assumptions over the way im feeling. People are so fuckin naive if they dont fucking see what their doing! but fine keep going, people are allready the bloody edge, keep going the way you are and people are gonna fucking go mental. Im at the fucking edge, one more fucking thing and theres no turning back. Im fucking sick of feeling like this!!!!

now i might be able to fucking sleep!:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
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yeah me too...

i don't even take my own advice...

it cant be helped...

just try to feel glad that you got the advice out of your system...

(there I go with advice again)


I personally don't expect people to ever listen to what I say - so even if I say something or tell them something - I simply plan for the worst possible outcome anyway... but i have been through hell and back.

Can't trust myself, my brother, my roomates... the people I work with. I ask "Can you please do this" it didn't happen - so when I start to do it myself they are all apologetic and like ... "I'm sorry I forgot" and im like "its ok, i didnt expect you to do it anyway, but all is said was its ok not the rest of it..." and they ran off and finished what they were supposed to have done... and its like hard to forget stuff thats written down right?

truth of the fact ... its ok =) was the dumbest thing ever...

I hope no one is to suffering much worse because of your issues and you can look back and say ... it wasnt bad ... but i guess then you wouldnt be posting here then =/


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Viks, I hope that cleared some of the anger out ya system. I'll kill the mfuker who upset you if I get me hands on him ...:jason: :jason: :jason:


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WOW that was moderately confusing. But I got the general gist. I know what you mean people tell you to NOT do something then they go off and do it... at least that is what i think you are saying. My advice is STOP COMFORTING THEM. They come to you because they get sympathy from you. I mean yeah calm them down a enough to get their story. But when it is something like that tell them they got what they deserved.

As for this other thing about degrading yourself to make a guy happy. Don't just don't, you have feelings too. If you do not hate yourself before you do it I am sure you will afterwards. You do stuff because you want too not because you want someone to shut up.

Sleep is good though i hope you got some sleep.
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