I don't get it, why?

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    I thought everything was going great the past couple of months, I've been sleeping well, eating alot better, my concerntration has been great I was taking my medication...then the past week it's all been a bit strange, my sleeping patterns have gone haywire, I've lost my appetite again I did go off my medication for 2 weeks, but I'm back on it again with the side effects and all....then I awoke at 1:30am this morning with overwhelming anxiety, what really got to me was the intrusive thoughts again. My mind kept telling me "get out of bed now!! they're coming to get you, they're here, you're not safe, they'll take you away" my head just felt light and confused I don't understand it, it's really scaring me so I've been sitting here in the dark for the past 3 and a half hours too afraid to go back to sleep, I couldn't exactly wake my mum and tell her she wouldn't understand she'd just get miffed by the early morning wake-up. I just don't know what to do anymore...
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    Sounds like going off that medication for a while messed you up. You're probably have to get used to the med all over again. That's just my guess, though. Your doctor would actually know what's going on.