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I dont get most you people.

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Depression from nothing. Suicide because life isn't worth living. I have been fighting the battle for 8 years now, a real battle. Try being a male with interstitial cystitis, rhuematoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, and a few more degenerative diseases, and oh yeah, be hooked on oxycodone because thats the only thing that will help with the pain so I get the nice side effects of mood swings and withdrawels when I go without them. My family is crazy and only makes it harder on me, mom brother and sister are junkies, I am 24 and many times I have thought of ending it, I am not a christian, not an atheist, I have read many books on many different subjects and I find it ridiculous anyone buys in to this christianity BS. We just accept what we are fed I guess. Everyday I want to eat a bullet, It would be nice, but I dont because I know of the devastation it would cause, my family would rather have me suffer everyday instead of them suffer a few weeks, WHICH they shouldnt suffer at all, they know my wishes...I would hope they would be like the mother at the end of donny darko, the family is off crying and she is in the corner smoking a cig with a knowing look on her face...happy for her son. Most of this site is just a cry for help for people who dont have people who love them, and I wish I was that way, but I have TOO many people that need me, I have a GF who would die without me, who which I can barely have sex with anymore because of the IC, yeah google it. Chronic pelvic pain syndrome, meaning my junk hurts all the time, two surgeries, about to make it three. I have read the book final exit and if it comes to that I know the correct way to go. It all gets so old so fast.
Welcome to the forum...

One thing I will say, just because many people will no doubt be voicing the same thing, re: your first sentences.

While it may seem like nothing to you, doesn't mean that is what it is to the person doing the experiencing, the feeling and the presumed suffering.
Merely because on the surface, at the time of my attempt I had everything to live for - does not make my attempt and subsequent ongoing battle with depression any less real or viable.

I will give you nothing but sympathy and support, but please be aware that circumstances of the individual are not in hierarchical order in terms of 'worthiness'.

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