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I don't get over things. Ever.

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Maybe it's the reason why I'm slowly getting worse over the years. Every time something happens in my life, a death, a break up, a loss etc, I don't get over it. I mean it goes away at times but then they all end up coming back occasionally and it hurts just as much as it did then. If I think about something that happened in this past, I'm reminded and it hurts just as much.

It's like I can never get closure on anything that has hurt me. There's no wonder that I'm getting worse if my mind is trying to deal with all of this stuff. The break ups of 3 long relationships, the death of my nanna, my miscarriage, etc etc. It's trying to deal with all of it and it's just ... insane.

Why can't I get over things? Why can't I accept them and put them in the past like normal people do?
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Hey Kazine,
Have you tried therapy?? It sounds as if all the bad things that have happened are not being delt with..You can't get over it on your own.. Why don't you think about it...
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