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I don't get people. They don't get me.

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Just how many times have I found myself wondering just what the hell I'm doing in this hellhole called earth?

I hate how fake most people are here. Take my college's students for example. Always wanting to belong in some sort of group, club, e.t.c., to make themselves feel important, to get attention. I hate how fake friendships are. There has not been a single person who hasn't talked about me behind my back. Everyone talks about anyone. Anywhere. Everywhere. No matter of how "good" of a friend he is.

I hate how people just ignore me. How I pass them by as if I'm a ghost, they don't even notice. And how, sometimes, when I try to to actually talk to them, get involved in a conversation, my voice is covered by theirs, because it's louder, more confident, more steady. And I'm left feeling like what I said was stupid so there's no point in it being heard.

I hate the fact that I feel like I can give so much to people but they won't let me. They're all fake around here. Always looking for benefits. I'm tired of this. I wish I could find someone who I could connect with. I want to talk to someone and feel like I can actually see myself in them. I'm tired of the world being fake. I don't even know what's real anymore...

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Hi i hear you it seems you need help with your self okay you need to get some councilling on how to build yourself up so you are not lost you are not ignored hugs to you


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Hi untouchable,

I struggle with people's "fakeness" a lot, how people can be nice to your face and then next thing you hear what they've said behind your back. Although I think belonging to clubs etc is not necessarily fake, there are many reasons why people might join clubs - I used to look into clubs (but never joined them) because they interested me, or because I thought I might make new friends there, or even just to find somewhere to belong.

I totally relate to what you say when people pass you by. Sometimes I will get the courage up to say something in a group, and either be talked over and not heard, or it comes out sounding so weird and messed up that I don't speak again. This is why I do better with one or two people, rather than in a group (although I know that's not always possible). But you do have a right to be heard, so perhaps what Eclipse suggests of building up your self esteem and your confidence might give you some incentive to speak up and be heard next time you're in a situation?

I'm sorry you're struggling and I do hope that you can find something that will help you be heard and seen.



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Oh you must live near me, cause I get the same thing here, Ive never been able to part of the click.

Im a woman, but the girlie gene totally missed me, so shopping, makeup, all that blah is so boring and to me a waste of money.

I want someone to go camping with, go hiking with , I want to get out there and play baseball, I find myself hanging with the boys, but when I ask they are like what, I dont think so, so Ive stopped trying, and couldnt even name a girlfriend right now,

Not only are people so fake they are such hypoctites, talking behind peoples back, stabbing every chance they get. Im one that dont really care what others are doing, or buying, or where your vacationing, even though they cant keep a job and live off of government money. I dont want to know whos cheating on who, all that blah blah is just aggravating and when they see that Im not interested they get bored with me.

So I hear ya, and sorry that you feel the same way I do. PM anytime you want to chat.
You need to immerse yourself in the works of Larry David.Or maybe you don't. :)

You should also know that you are a very special person and as you grow and move through this life,I hope that you never stop being that way.....ever! :wiggle:


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I know what you mean.. I joined a group therapy for depression.. At first I wouldn't say anything unless the therapist asked me something.. One day I was talking(unusual for me) and this girl said my thoughts were unacceptable.. That was like she stabbed me in the heart.. I never went back..
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