I don't get this friend of mine.......

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    I have this friend who is depressed also and she's been in the hospital many times over the year's for being suicidal. I myself have never been in the hospital for mental illness. But it's annoying because I can't ever really tell her how depressed I usually am because then she will say to me- you need to be in the hospital and I can't talk to you anymore or atleast for a while because that is going to make me more depressed again WTF?? I don't get it.
    That drives me crazy/sorta makes me upset. But not because I feel like I have to have her friendship- I just think it's dumb. So I mostly just need to keep my mouth shut when I talk to her and really just let her do all the talking or if I'm talking I have to talk about something else to her. I care about her. But her telling me she is extremely depressed and or suicidal isn't going to make me any more depressed. I just don't get her and I would never tell her that I can't talk to her again for a while- like she has done to me before.
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    You are comparing her views/feelings with yours which is rather unfair because you are two separate individuals. Things that trigger her evidently don't trigger you. She has her own problems to deal with, and perhaps she feels that you coming to her for support is just too much.

    Get a therapist to speak with.