I don't have a friend in the world

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  1. jamieyello

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    I have really bad anxiety, since eighth grade I lost all my friends and self esteem. I'm out of high school now and I don't want to live like this, I don't know what to do, I don't even want to cut anymore, my legs are already ruined so there's no point. My only friend (I don't call her that anymore) I haven't seen in weeks, and she seemed like she didn't even want to talk to me last time I saw her, as in, she ignored me to talk to my mom. After that I didn't eat for days and almost killed myself. Every time my drunk mom (who has the maturity of an eight year old) comes up to tell me I'm lazy and everyone thinks I'm a weirdo and my hair is ugly and stupid looking it doesn't help. I just sit in my bed every single day watching YouTube. I don't even know why I'm posting this.
  2. emily83

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    as a start, you could try on here- message people and see where you get with that.

    i know it's not the same as having a friend standing beside you, but hey it's close
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    I guess so. Thanks for listening to me whine anyway. :)
  4. total eclipse

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    You are not whining hun you are sad and you are doing good to reach out here I hope you continue to talk to us ok h ugs
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    dont feel bad, i too am alone... i lost my family 4 years ago and my life hasnt been the same since... it does suck when people who claim to care about you, run you down from day to day. i lost all my friends to relationships and since i lost mine they cant be bothered to talk with me either. because i drink and do drugs i have become what they would call, "unclean" whatever that means... i know my words may not seem uplifting, but i am sympathizing with you, like a friend would if they were with you, right? dont give up on a hope of one day things changing, they can... :)
  6. Witty_Sarcasm

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    Sorry your mom is cruel towards you, and that you have no friends. I'm dealing with the same things, and I know how lonely you can be. I hope you keep posting here and get to know people. Maybe not the same as having a friend there with you, but you will feel less lonely.