I don't have depression, just anxiety and well...

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    I just feel so fucking alone lately. I know it's one of those transitional years for me, as I'm a senior in high school. But it's hard for me to not to feel alienated by those around me. My friends are always busy, and I feel like I'm just sitting at home, on the verge of an emotional breakdown due to being overwhelmed by all of the school work I have to do, and haven't done.

    I have been insecure about myself for almost as long as I can remember. I feel so inadequate, so ready for this time in my life to be over. I hate high school, and I'm not really able to handle it anymore. I've stressed out too much, I've put in so much effort, all for it to feel utterly meaningless. I sit on the computer, behind a screen, and pretend like I don't feel so alone...but I do.

    Everything is drowning me. I don't want to suicide, not really. But at the same time, I wonder what is the point? I am afraid that I'll feel like all of this was wasted effort later down the line. Like, I might as well die now, because the stress will be ever present. And I can't handle that pressure.

    I'm really glad for this forum, though. It's helped me through a lot, even though I don't frequent it that often. But every once in a while...I feel like this.
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    Oh hun I am sorry you are feeling so overwhelmed. You can and will learn skills to help you hun in the future to cope with stress. Have you talked with any of your teachers hun or a councilor to get some help in place It won't always be like this hun i know you feel it might but it does get better really. Hugs to you
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    I am sorry you feel like this, but it sounds like you know what is going on which is a good first step...is there someone you can talk to so that you can work on some of the issues you have identified...many people feel as you do and when out of high school really begin to live their lives...what are you going to do as a profession/work? Maybe focusing on that will help the time pass...please continue to let us know what is going on for you