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I don't have family to turn to, what do i do

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I'm 26, have $0, no job, owe $130,000 in student loans(got kicked out can't go back), $35000 in med debt, what's the best course of action? How do I get out of this hole? I'm going to be homeless next week if I can't figure this out someone please...
sorry that you are having so much trouble

what country are you in?

laws and social services vary by country and region

I think most places have free debt/credit counseling available from the government

you could talk to a homeless advocacy organization, they might be able to help

you may be able to avoid some debt by declaring bankruptcy. even if any debt remains, I don't think that they can demand more than you need to pay for your basic living expenses. I think that it is likely that your debt can be restructured

if you get state sponsored health care for people with financial need (medicaid in the us), they may pay some of the medical bills that you have incurred in the last 6 months

you may not have to leave your place of residence until you receive a court-ordered eviction notice. I don't know too much about the law on this though

do you want to explain more about your family situation?

while you may have been kicked out of school, you might be able to transfer credits to another school, or apply for return

I think that if you handle this right, you'll be ok. things might be rough for a while, but I think that we can help you get through

:) :hug:
If you are in the US, file for bankruptcy, that way you wont have to worry with the debt. Next contact you're local HUD office, the number and address can be obtained by calling 211. Apply for HUD and hit your local Welfare office, see what they offer in assistance for a person in your situation. If they can't help you then next step is Catholic Community Services, (or other church based foundations) if they have the funding they can help you with rent.
Most states have a "Welfare to Work" program that offers free training, interview practice and help writing a resume. They also often have job listings in the area that you can apply to right from the office, for free.
If you are suffering from a mental disability you may be able eligible for SSI disability, disorders like Bi-polar, however, are so over diagnosed that it is very hard to get it.

I hope I've helped a bit, if you aren't in the US though, I haven't helped at all :(


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whereisthehappy.. question first , is just where you are now??? this website got members all over the world.. many who have suffered with real financial difficultes like where you are now.. IF in USA two posts ahead of mine have some good ideas and starting points for you to look into..

we care about you now and want to hear some more from you if able.. tc, Jim
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