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i dont know anymore

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my girlfriend of 2 years left me we married eachother and we acted like we were married then her parents started having issues with me because she started choosing me over them and then she left me out of nowere last time i saw and talked to her we kissed like always and told eachother how much we love eachother like we do everyday then summer started and her parents took her phone because thye didnt want her talking to me we thought we were soulmates i went 2 months with out hearing from her and the other day i was looking at facebook and it has the thing of people you mite know and i saw her picture kissing someother guy i dont know what to do i lived my life for her she was the only reason i woke up in the morning and shestabbed me in the back and rippedout my heart and threw it on the ground and stomped on it i dream about her everysingle night and when i close my eyes i see her its been a month sience i saw it and she never even broke up with me we were married and she couldnt even call me to tell me its over i cry every night eishing she was next to me i dont know what to do i really dont i dont leave my house that much anymore i relapsed when i saw that picture and iv been useing o much i just dont know i seriousle doint can anyone help please


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Oh, my goodness.

Can you contact her (your girlfriend) through Facebook (or through other ways online) to talk about this?



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Wow you need to let her go then she has made her choice hun
You will find another even better somene that will not be control by thier parents. You deserve true love hun there is someone else out there and that someone will even make you happier okay You need to get out though join clubs take a class of interest you like and meet someone NEW hun okay hugs


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hans I know its hard and i have experienced deep grief too but you got to find a way through it somehow.

heartbreak is the worst thing. So I feel for you.


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I know your heart says otherwise, but you do not want her and she does not deserve you...please do not let someone like that take your spirit...it will hurt; it always does, but that does not mean you have to sacrifice all your goodness to someone who violated your sense of trust...get out of your room and start your recovery...you deserve to be happy!
i cant explain it i just cant stop thinking about her even after all she put me through ...i dreamed about her again last night i just wish i could move on but i cant ....i just want to feel nothing my heart body and soul aches to much
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