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I don't know how to cope

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Hello, this is me AGAIN!
Today it's been one week exactly since my attempt. I am still at the hospital's psy ward (locked and having therapy twice a day) and I think I am leaving tomorrow.
I feel so bad today, it seems the doctor will see me today (even it is Sunday and usually we only are met by nurses). But I know what he will say: we will have to increase your meds.
The thing is I feel really suicidal, hopeless and desperate. I have to move back to my country, start a life again, give up living in Switzerland (where I ve been 2 years), depression, low self-esteem, my mom died 2 months ago and all her family had a dispute with me, they told me I was not a good daughter, my dad has also died and I am single. Therefore, my only family is my brother who, of course, has his own life and his own problems.
I feel like I would like to run and keep running for hours until I find myself in a place no one knows me or even better, just to kill myself.

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No wonder you are so depressed so much pain inside you. I hope you stay hun okay stay at the hospital get that med increase and take all the help and support they give you. YOu deserve that help okay that peace Your family member was very cruel to say that to you. Your mother would not have said that never. You stay okay and never shut any doors that offer you help and support Ask doc about grief councilling to okay here if you want to talk to someone pm me okay


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Hey, I was wondering how you were doing as don't think you have posted in a few days.

I am glad you are getting help. I know it may not seem like it at the moment but they do have your best interests at heart. Be honest with them. Engage in therapy etc.

Good luck

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