I dont know how to deal with been alone....?

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    My boyfriends going away on the 4th septemer for a week on training to newcastle , we're moving flat at the end of august , we will have been in the new place and area for about a week.....i dont know if i can deal with been alone , i will have to leave for work in the morning then be alone all night , im paranoid as it is but at least i feel safe knowing hes gona be there when i get home , i dont have any friends here yet and everybody is busy any way at that time.....im freaking out , i feel weak and vunrable , my flashback dreams are back and all i wana do is curl up and die, i wanted a cuddle last night when i went to bed , i was feeling unsafe , he just said if your gona be this high maintanance , you can forget moving and us ......im on the edge of crying at this moment in time im at work im trying to keep it together, i cant , im stressed , my bodys going crazy, im run down and ive had two periods in the two weeks , im a mess.....i dont know what to do?

    please help

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    Surround yourself with things that make you feel safe while he is gone. Maybe it is a favorite blanket, a stuffed animal, certain scent, anything you can think of. 7 days may seem a long time, but it isn't in the whole scheme of things. As for the flashbacks-are you able to ground yourself when they happen? Do you have any techniques that help you to know that those things happened in the past and this is the present. You are in the present. You can keep flashback boxes in various places to help you ground yourself when they happen. You can get through this. Have faith in yourself. :hug: