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I Don't Know How to Feel Better

I never knew I could feel this much pain. I know this year has been so hard on so many people. So many bad things going on at the same time. It just became so overwhelming. It feels like something broke inside my soul and I don't have the right tools to mend it. I've been trying so many ways to get help, but it's unattainable. After months of trying and finding closed doors, I finally have an appointment next week to see a doctor. I hate the way I feel. I don't recognize myself. I used to pride myself on my adventurous spirit and wanting to live life to the fullest. The pain I am feeling is suffocating. I've never felt so alone and worthless. I try to tell myself it won't last forever, by I just can't see the future. I want so much to feel better, but I don't see the way out.


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You aren't alone. I feel similar. Stuff kept bringing me down in every direction, and I don't have many close friends, and I think I don't have the strength to fight back against all the negativity. I'm starting to wonder if this is it and it's hopeless to get out of the bad position I'm in. So yeah I just wanted to say at least me and lots of others feel pretty badly too so maybe you have a bit of comfort knowing you are not alone.
I know exactly how you feel, the tunnel is pitch black and the only light you see is the train coming straight at you.

Stay on this forum, post when you are down. For me it is therapeutic to put my feelings in writing and helps to lift my spirit even if its temporary. There are people that care enough to read my extraordinarily long rants and can empathize. I may wallow in self-pity but people on this forum try to help and don't just write me off.

It helps to feel you are not alone.

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