I don't know how to go, but I have no choice but to go.

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Øyvind, Jul 7, 2009.

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  1. Øyvind

    Øyvind Senior Member

    I'm years overtime. I OD'd on Zoloft and drank my mothers wine bottle (pathetic, right?), she's away, been away for 3 weeks now, coming home tomorrow. She''ll notice the lack of medicine, or she might not, but she'll definitely notice the missing wine bottle, and then the whole thing will start again, she'll be convinced I'm suicidal and there will only be trouble, she will be so worried.
    I need to die today but don't know how. I can't do Zoloft again, It was a nightmare.
    I'm freaking out. Maybe I'll just try it again, and stay in chat here on sf to minimize the psychological side effects.
  2. Remedy

    Remedy Chat & Forum Buddy

    Any attempt isn't pathetic, it should be taken seriously. What will she do when she finds out? Maybe she would take you to a therapist? That might be useful to getting over these urges. Please don't try it again, at least when she comes back at least you'll be alive. :hug: If you are really against her finding out, you could replace the wine bottle.
  3. mandyj101

    mandyj101 Well-Known Member

    hey yvind ..

    sorry ur feeling like this :hug:

    its not pathetic to OD - iv taken a few overdoses .. and im sure there r alot of ppl here that have aswel .. i kept overdosing 2 feel worse in my body than i did inside my head .. if that makes sense .. it was total desperation but i knew deep down they wouldnt kill me .. not at that moment in time anyway..

    although it might be hard 2 see atm .. ur mother must care about u alot - or why would she get worried? could u tell ur mother why u overdosed? do u know urself?

    if u can hold on .. please dont try overdosing again .. im not sure if ur in the chat room atm .. but will have a look aftr iv posted this ..

    u sound like a really nice person... and im sure there are lots and lots of ppl here that want 2 help u get through this.. including me ..

  4. LenaLunacy

    LenaLunacy Well-Known Member

    I'm sure your mum will help you if she sees you're this bad. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad her finding out. Then you can get the help you need.
    Please don't go through with it again. If you keep trying and failing you'll only end up with more long term problems that'll make your life a misery. And if you succeeded you'd be hurting so many people, obviously you're mum cares about you, think of her.
    I hope you are ok .
  5. Neverhappyalwayssad

    Neverhappyalwayssad Well-Known Member

    Yea any attempt ODing or not isn't pathetic and should be taken seriously. Have you thought of going to a hospital to get away from everything for a while? Give yourself a break, and maybe when your hospital stay is over things will get better.
  6. nevertheanswer

    nevertheanswer Active Member

    It is so much better for her to see you again than never. Don't say that you need to go away right now.

    It is okay to worry because it means that there is something, someone you care about.

    Take care.
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