I don't know how to go on

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    I'm embarassed but I have to share otherwise I'll go crazy.I'm 24 now and I 've never had a relationship , in fact my first time was this year . I don't know what I was thinking but I slept with the guy a few times ,time passed,he never callled .So I decided to text him and he was like "Who are you".I wrote him that he is a jerk , and he "now I remember.so,how's life ?"
    I know that I didn't resist much and I am to blame but I just don't know what to do , I want to kill him.Please help me
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    that's tough I'm sorry to hear that. He is obviously a sad case of a person, and to use you in such a way is shocking, i hate people like that! You need to try and let go , you need to move on or else it will eat you up. Easier said than done ofcourse. And dont be embarrassed.
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    Best to just move on.