i dont know how to tell my mom ....

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by lilyao, Mar 27, 2007.

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  1. lilyao

    lilyao Active Member

    well , i pretty much hate myself and i would feel really bad it i killed myself so im gonna try for one last time.

    but i dont know how to tell my mom i need help , its just lame and humilliating to me, when child i didnt feel loved but im sure it was because myparents were busy, i havent seen myself in te mirror since september 13th 2006. because of an allergy i had. now im glad i did this because i realize how ugly i must look, i dont understand why uglier people have happy lifes, and some of them are even married, have a couple or whatever, but im only 15 years old.

    i would like to keep living, but i dont know if its the best thing to do...
  2. lilyao

    lilyao Active Member

    oh , and i forgot that i dont let almost anyone see me, i cant say a speech at school or something and when im in the car i put a scarf all over my face so people dont see me, and i hide my pictures
  3. Insignificant

    Insignificant Account Closed

    speaking as a mother myself i would hope for nothing more than for my children to tell me what's going on so i can help them anyway possible. thankfully my children have been just honest enough to do that even my stubborn teenager. if something were to happen to my kids and i knew they didn't come to me no matter how busy i am honestly i would have trouble living with it myself. especially if something happened to my child.

    my point is this please go to your parents and talk to them. let them try and help you. they love you and any parent with love for thier child will do their best for them, that would be you. take the chance you are worth it.
  4. Charlie<3

    Charlie<3 Member

    are you saying that you want help but yu dont knwo hwo to tell your mom? cause i might have read that wrong.
    I felt the same way before my second suicide attempt. i wanted help but i was scared and i didnt want my brother to make fun of me like last tiem i felt suicidal and shit. If i could go back I would probobly just say that im feeling really depressed and i think that i need help cuase im feeling suicidal. good luck. <3
  5. TheBLA

    TheBLA The biggest loser alive.

    Maybe if you are too afraid to tell them yourselves, you can tell your school counselor, or priest or any other person you trust and that person can tell your parents? Have you told or talked to anyone else about this? I can only imagine how hard it is to keep these feelings from your parents, they never want their child to be suicidal, always happy and successful and when you can't meet that, you feel really rotten, I know. Good luck.
  6. lilyao

    lilyao Active Member

    well thank you 4 the help , but i feel stupid saying- mom i need therapy because i cant look myself in the mirror or something like that! , and one of the reasons why i dont want to tell my parents is because my uncle has schizophrenia and when he started with this illness he didnt look at the pictures cause he saw things and my dad thinks i see things coming out of mirrors and i realy dont , so thats why i cant tell them, i cant tell the school counselor cause she sucks at her job , and she hates me , i told a friend but she says, oh everything's gonna be ok , when everybody knows nothing is gonna be ok never.
  7. The first thing I'd like to state is that I'm not here to make you feel good. I'm here to give you my opinion on your situation, advice, and the cold hard truth.

    Now, the first thing I think you should do is be straight with your mom. I'm not exactly sure why you feel stupid about telling her how you truly feel, but it would probably do you some good. Also add that you're not anything like your uncle and you do not have schizophrenia, and tell them why exactly you don't look at pictures and such. Try not to beat around the bush because that can make things confusing for them.

    Try your best to muster up some guts and ask for help. It's the best thing you can do for yourself.

    And no offense, but your friend seems like she's full of shit. She obviously doesn't understand what you're going through. Saying things are going to be okay is one thing, but it's time you started doing something to make them that way.

    But please, don't lose hope. You say things will never get better, but there's a huge possibility that they will if you do everything you can to try and fix things.
  8. ace

    ace Well-Known Member

    Lily listen to me Please you have to see someone if you aren't comfortable with the school counsellor better it be someone else.But don't forget this you can always lean on us don't do anything drastic you can improve believe me on this I assure you.I know what it's like with the right meds,therapy a good pdoc and the best support you will get on the right track.
  9. blade

    blade Well-Known Member

    to tell u personly i didnt tell my mum my teacher did and i didnt want to because i know she wouldnt be any help. and i was right. she didnt help at all. she made matters worse. shes held a knife at my wrist and told me to use this it would be quicker of ending ur life. ive turned more depressed these days.

    but i dont know ur mum i dont know how shell react. sorry. =(
  10. park47

    park47 Member

    hey i'm 14 and i know how you feel i really do. i've been in a similar situation as you cos u know how looks seem to be everything espeically since we're in high school. i too was scared to tell my parents about how i hated myself and my looks and just how INSECURE i was. but one day i just broke down in front of my mom and i was thinking "oh god this is going to be so awkward for her" but she took it in SO well and symphethsized. i realized letting my family know just felt like getting alot of weight off my back and ur family really is ur backbone. friends are great but in the end ur familys going to understand u the best. at first when your mom/dad tries to comfort u, it might be like "geez they just don't understnad.." cos thats wut i thought, but they care SO much more than u realize, almost as if they feel the pain with you. i hope u feel better i really do. it might seem like a really hard time right now but i SWEAR to you sooner or later u'll start feeling better once u talk to ur parents.
  11. Matty321

    Matty321 Well-Known Member

    As a mother, your mother sounds like she needs help alongside you.

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