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I don't know how to use a forum-suicidal ideation worsening

Discussion in 'Welcome' started by AnnieK, Jan 2, 2014.

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  1. AnnieK

    AnnieK Well-Known Member

    i am sorry if i'm doing this wrong. i don't know how to do forums or chat rooms. i just came across this site when i went to <mod edit - >, i think that was the name of it. i have been battling a bad depression for 2 years. meds don't work. therapy doesn't work. and broke off a relationship i felt was harmful to my self esteem, but he wouldn't go away and i let him back in and now i'm suicidal again. or the ideation. i don't know. i was heartbroken to read <mod edit - methods> end up unsuccessful or with brain damage. i just can't feel like this any more. i can't work. i haven't left the house in a week. what do you all do when you've sought help and it doesn't work and you can't change yourself?
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  2. Mr Stewart

    Mr Stewart Well-Known Member

    Hello, Annie. Welcome to the forums. You're not doing anything wrong, just forum rules don't allow specific discussion of methods- that's why your post was edited slightly. Aside from that, SF is here for you to talk about your struggles with others who have had similar experiences with depression, relationships, hopelessness.

    Do please stick around and keep posting. You are most welcome here. :)
  3. tellmewhy

    tellmewhy New Member

    Annie, we're alike. I leave the house very little except for work and even that is a challenge. Ideations are a recurring theme for me; most often they come when I wake up in the middle of night. You're not alone and you're not wrong. Self esteem is a tough ordeal when in a relationship as we tend to identify/co-depend on those closest to us; not by choice, it just happens.

    What works for me may not work for everyone but taking an ice cold shower helps clear my mind and energize me. They are riveting.

    I'm new here too but it seems like a safe place to protect our minds. Take good care.
  4. AnnieK

    AnnieK Well-Known Member

    thanks for the replies. i might try the cold shower thing. currently i am dealing by sleeping and watching stupid movies on netflix. i am trying to be there for the people who need me, but less and less able to answer the phone.
  5. MisterBGone

    MisterBGone Well-Known Member

    Well, those just happen to be two of my favorite activities! Just don't give up hope. There's ECT for people who do not respond to medications &/or therapy. It is controversial, and with good reason, but my point is that there are alternative options.
  6. AnnieK

    AnnieK Well-Known Member

    have been talking to a couple of folks about ECT. it is a scary prospect. but i've heard good results from one person i know. still on the fence about it. thx misterBGone.
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