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I don't know if I can take any more.

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My life isn't exactly what you call good, I'm Fifteen, Male, I live in britan with my decent class family, but I am bullied at school. I am tormented for every little thing I do, I'm scared to answer questions from a teacher as if I'm right, I'm ridiculed, if I'm wrong I'm ridiculed. Ive tried to live through it by faking happiness, I feel as if I'm worthless and that I was put on this earth just so people can beat me up and abuse me, just to make themselves feel better. The fact that my parents constantly compare me to my very smart sister, who is also athletic and incredibly popular. I feel like nothing compared to anyone. Ive attempted suicide once but nobody ever found out, Ive come close but now im just to coqardly to do it again. I desperately need some form of advice.

Thank you.

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Hi you I am so sorry you have been mistreated by the bullies. You need to talk to a counselor at your school okay a teacher you trust You are 15 hun i know you don't think so but soon these bullies will move away and you will move on with your life. Can you talk to your parents about how sad you are ;they will help you hun If you can talk to a counselor hun i am sure the bullying will be made to stop If you have to tell your parents and get the police involved You do not have to suffer like this hun. Is there a children hot line or crisis line you can call talk to someone that way it helps hun it does. Know you can pm me anytime okay


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When I was your age, I was harassed to no end...and when 9/11 happened, it pretty much killed my entire chance at a normal life in high school. Fun times.

Life does get better, duder. If there's one thing I can confirm, after high school...the world does open up.

You'll see the light of a distant star just for you.


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I was bashful in school, on top of that, very quiet and never had much to say, and I had a pretty hard time myself. Not all kids were mean, but there were two guys that always made school a living hell for me. Stupid assholes is all they were. Forgive my french..

I wouldn't worry about who likes you and who doesn't. I think you need to learn to start taking up for yourself. Don't let people abuse you and hurt you like that. Do you really think those jerks are worth hurting yourself over?? No way in hell. Pardon my french again..

It just makes me so mad that kids can be so stupid that they can make another person feel this way. This goes on in every school, you are not alone in this. I haven't been in school for 22 years, and it happened to me. I'm fine one on one with people, but when I am put in a crowd of people, I have some social anxiety issues, and I feel very uncomfortable. Even still, I would not let anyone treat me like crap. They'd know really fast that they'd better shut their mouth. I have learned how to take up for myself, I think it made me stronger because of the abuse I was put through.

Maybe you should ask your parents about going to a councellor. You really need support for this, instead of keeping it to yourself and not sharing how you feel. Maybe a therapist could help you learn how to handle yourself in such a situation. They can teach you how to cope and they are wonderful at giving advice, the thing that makes therapy work, is that you want it to.

You need help with your self esteem, you need more confidence, you need to learn how to take up for yourself, and you need to learn how to love yourself. You are not worthless, you are just dealing with the typical senerio of high school, it happens to alot of us.

You have several years of this left still yet. It's not at all fair that you have to go through this. Have you considered other options. Maybe a christian school or a school where you can just attend for a year or so and get your GED?

I pulled my daughter out of school when she started Junior High. She had anxiety so bad about the transformation, that all my efforts in trying to get her to go didn't work, so I started homeschooling her. Now that she's 16, I am having her to start studying to get her GED, and am going to have her take online classes soon, to help with that. When I was in 12th grade, I got pregnant, and after half of the year, I just dropped out. I hated school with a living passion.

I don't know if it's really okay to run away from your problems though. You need to learn how to function in society, so you really need to learn how to deal with things like this. However, it is true, life after highschool, it doesn't suck like being in high school does. People mature and grow out of that nonsense.

But there are other options. There are many programs where you can get your high school diploma online. They could homeschool you until you are at the age, that you can study online. It's an option to think about. Talk to your parents. Tell them what happened and tell them how awful this is for you.
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