I don't know if I should keep going

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    I am actually going out with this girl in school right... But it seems that at first it was all awesome and amazing with sudden rush of emotions towards her. It was like being on ecstasy everytime I was near her... But after I just don't know what happened... It all seemed tremendously well and good, but ... Then nothing... It's kinda hard to put into words.. Basically idk if she lost interest in me and it seems like she doesn't like me anymore. Before I even began liking her no one even took her for grant then once I gave her a gift with chocolates and roses it seemed like EVERYONE wanted to either text her, hug her, even kiss her... I know a man has to fight for a woman's love, but what if she doesn't even like you anymore ? She keeps saying she "wuvs me" but I think she's just saying that to everyone... I noticed one day when I got suspended that I sneaked back into class only to notice that she didn't give a shit wether I was there or not... So it hurts me deep not knowing wether she really likes me or is just using me for the popularity I gave her so far... I don't know and I keep feeling soo depressed it's annoying :sigh:
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    Well I'd love to help but I'm the type of guy who's always "just a friend". If I were you I'd try to have one last serious conversation with her. If she didn't realize what she was putting you through and will make an effort to ease those feelings, Fantastic! But if she gives you an answer that isn't what you wanted to hear, or just flat out refuses to have the conversation, I'd have to let her go and move on... Although If I were you I would pay more attention to the first sentence than the rest of the post.