I don't know if I'm insane, hypocritical, dumb, or all of the above

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  1. Lethal Photography

    Lethal Photography Well-Known Member

    After deciding against majoring in music a year ago, and deciding school was killing me a few months ago, I have now started to apply to Berklee College of Music. And now I'm terrified they'll reject me, and all my answers on my application sound dumb to me, and I don't know what schools like to hear. I feel I got into all the others on grades alone, but now my grades are lower. Can anyone help me on deciding if my answers are okay?
  2. Anime-Zodiac

    Anime-Zodiac Well-Known Member

    Chances are that your own self doubt is warping your perception on how you viewed your answers.

    You could write out some of the questions and answers so you could get another opinion.
  3. Lethal Photography

    Lethal Photography Well-Known Member

    These are the ones I'm most worried about.

    "In what ways do you feel your talents will enhance the quality of life and music in the Berklee community?

    I'm good at working with my peers towards what we all want. I do not believe that in order for me to succeed, anyone else has to fail. In fact, the idea of having to compete with classmates goes against my personal idea of what success is. Everyone does better when they have help from others, and I am willing to both listen to constructive criticism from teachers and classmates and to give it. I'm dedicated to my music, and I feel that my work will give other students new ideas of what's possible. I'm a friendly person and I enjoy spending time with people both when we are working together, and when we have free time."

    "How have your life experiences influenced your musical development?

    I actually feel that the music that I listen to and play has been greatly influenced by the people around me. When I was in elementary and middle school, I was homeschooled and fairly introverted. I mostly listened to what my parents listened to - classic rock and show tunes. The year before high school I started listening to the mainstream rock that my sister did. Once in high school, I started listening to classical music when it wasn't required, as well as starting to find other music from the friends I now had. In 10th and 11th grade I started specifically looking for new music from lesser known bands. I no longer listened to classical music regularly and did not enjoy playing it. At Simon's Rock College, I stopped my music lessons, and started playing in a classically influenced rock band, as both cellist and lead singer. Over the years, I think I've stopped limiting myself in listening and playing music based on genre, and started making finer adjustments to what I enjoy, and what makes me feel good to play. Also, as I have reached out to more people, my musical knowledge and tastes have expanded."

    "What benefits do music theory and instrumental training have in your chosen field of interest?

    I think instrumental training and music theory are very useful for working in a recording studio. It gives me background knowledge of what can be done with sound and would enable me to work more closely with musicians to get the sound they're looking for. I was in a small recording studio in May, and the engineer was a musician. He had very good advice for our music. On one take we were recording a guitar part and flipping it so that it was backwards and considered doing the same for the violin part. His advice in how the difference of the sound of the instruments would affect how they sounded backwards was useful in finding parts that worked well for each instrument."

    "What would you like a press release to say about you as a person? About you as a musician?

    As a person, I'd like it to say that I'm open to new experiences. I'm willing to try sports, read books in a genre I don't normally read, learn about new things, meet new people. As I've grown up, I've discovered that I will not react the same way to all things that fall under a certain label. In terms of music, I'll listen to anything at least once. As a musician, I'd like it to say that I bring a new perspective, that I experiment and keep what works. I want to be a musician where every time you listen to one of my songs, you hear a layer you didn't notice before."
  4. Lethal Photography

    Lethal Photography Well-Known Member

    okay, so i have next to no chance. i might as well not apply, at least i won't be out $150. i had emailed the admissions department with some questions, and they require a high school diploma or a GED, which I won't be able to get til after the application due date, plus they prefer at least a 2.5 GPA. I have 2.39. Fuck.
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