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I don't know if i've made the right decision.

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First off, i had no idea where to post this, but this seemed like the right area to me cos I need to let this all out.

So, my ex girlfriend got out of prison friday and today she commented on a facebook status of mine, so to be polite I continued chatting to her.

Long story short, I ended up agreeing to meet with her at some point this week. I'm dreading it, for a few reasons. The main one being the fact that i'm kinda still in love with her. Shes moved on and has a new girl friend now, but I still hold that flame for her. Now, dont get me wrong I want her to be happy and I know me and her would never work out - theres just too much history and tension between us.

Im also scared to see her in case I say the wrong thing and start an argument or whatever. She still wants to be friends and i'm not gonna deny her that fact, i'm just a bit worried that I dont know if I can deal with the "just friends" senario.

I guess it's just gonna have to be a wait and see moment.
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