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  1. Exhidi

    Exhidi New Member

    The A Level course at my college, which I worked my goddamn ASS off to get into, is closing at the end of this year, leaving about 300 students without a finished education.
    I worked so long and hard to get into this college, and now I'm there, I love it.
    I can't leave all of my friends and uproot into another college. The next best one to me is about an hour and a half journey, there and back.

    Plus, I have seriously fallen in love with a girl.
    We're SUCH close friends, and she doesn't know that I love her.
    The worst thing is, she lives in Wimbledon (about thirty miles from where I live), and if we go different places after this college, I just KNOW we'll never see each other again afterwards.
    OhmyGod I love her so much.

    There are no jobs going anymore, because of the recession.
    Colleges are too full, too quick, and I don't have specific grades to get in.
    I don't want to leave my friends.
    I love her.

    I don't know what to do!
  2. Aurora Gory Alice

    Aurora Gory Alice Well-Known Member

    Okay first things first:

    1) Find a college. There are hundreds of colleges! I know they filled up like crazy this year (I queued for three hours just to go through enrolment!) but a lot of people dropped out, as per usual, so there should be places. If you let whichever colleges you apply to know that you have already done most of the course, they should let you in to catch up. Don't be discouraged!
    If all else fails, you could do one course from Jan onwards - there are lots of Jan intakes at various colleges, and then Sept 2010, start over with your A Levels?

    2) Tell this girl how you feel. You've got nothing to lose and you said you're such good friends. You say she lives in Wimbledon which is 30 miles from you, if you're in London or the South East trust me, it isn't that bad!
    I live in Greenwich and I dated a guy that lived in Staines, about 40 miles out, we saw each other about 3 times a week. It was only 2 trains! You can do it. :)
    The fact that you say you're close friends mean you can def stay in touch.
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