I don't know the purpose of my life!

Discussion in 'Welcome' started by changed the name for good, Aug 29, 2016.

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  1. Hey everyone. I don't know whether there is anything wrong with me. I feel extremely low and dejected sometimes. I feel like ending my life. I cannot stand small failures in life. When I see others, I could see how important they are to others. But even if I quit my life no one would be bothered. I haven't done anything great.
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    Welcome to the forum. Is there anything in you life that is super important to you? Do you work or go to school?
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    Welcome to the forum. I used to worry that I never did anything great but I have to admit the small stuff is what really seems to count. Like paying for someone's kid to go to the afterschool ski program. Taking someone to a doctor's appt. Taking someone to church. Doesn't seem like much but when I leave this world I leave it in a better place for people.
    Have you talked to a professional about your dejection? It sounds like you need a boost. You sound like me a few years ago before help, People would miss you even when you don't think that they would.
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    I often feel like I've done nothing great, but then why would I let that bother me? I'm not on this earth to please others. I'm here to make the best of my time as I can, live a good, comfortable and healthy life and hopefully find some love and give some back. I'll never do anything "great" and I'm okay with that. I'm more interested in enjoying simplicity, solitude and nature. I live by the "harm none" creed and to me that's greatness because I feel like I'm being the best I can be. I don't hurt anyone around me, I take care of the earth as best I can and I open my heart.
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    Mountain Woman said it so well, what matters is trying to do our best in our scales, not doing anything great doesn't matter. Plus the definition of great can be very different. I think even a tiny support or gesture of kindness toward someone (even some random person) or animals/plants can be great. Maybe you have high standards for considering something as great.
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    Hi @Juanita W. Ralston

    I've just recently joined and your post resonates with me, although my situation is different in that I am struggling to overcome guilt and regret about my life until now and not achieving what I wanted. You are 32, right? That is sooooooo young, so much to live for! So much you can do....

    You say you "don't know whether" there is anything wrong with you, which also suggests that actually everything could be right with you, so there is still time to see that. I bet you could write a good list of things right with you. I am being faced with having to self reflect on my behaviour, because ultimately, only our own minds can answer these fundamental questions in life. Every behaviour has a reason. Sometimes talking to someone about your positives can help but ultimately, you have to realise your strengths and believe in them. With that also comes weaknesses, but it's all about balance and understanding them. And small failures are part of that! Everyone makes mistakes, big and small, but our job is to learn from them - what can they teach us about ourselves? Nobody is perfect!

    Feeling low and dejected is simply your mind telling you to pay attention and seek these answers. Ups and downs are part of life, like every breath goes in and then out, every day turns from light to dark - life is full of pluses and minuses, our own bodies would not exist without them (I wont go all scientific but u get the idea!).

    Being important to others is nice, but what about being important to YOU? I bet if you were no longer around, you, would miss yourself! O.K, I'm being a bit abstract now, but it helps me a little. If I was gone, there would be no me, if you think about that properly, that's actually quite sad. You are more special than you think, you are a living, breathing, wonderful being with the power to achieve things. Your mind is more powerful than any super compute, but it has to be utilised.

    You say you haven't done anything great. 32 years on planet earth is in itself a great thing. Keep going, learn what you are passionate about, do something great for you. The past, for all its faults, has brought you this far. It has brought you to this positive moment. Breath is life. You matter to the planet. While you are in the world, you can make a difference, if you are not, you won't. Don't rush it, death is inevitable to all of us, don't be in a hurry to reach it.

    While you are in the world you can do something great. For a start, you have a great user name - Juanita is lovely name, whether you have chosen this as pseudonym or whatever, it's a beautiful name, so there's a start.

    I hope this has helped, in a way I'm talking to myself here too, because I need to take heed of all this too!

    Take care x
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