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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by whatever1, Oct 6, 2012.

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  1. whatever1

    whatever1 New Member

    I am so depressed right now. I attempted suicide earlier this week and it didn't work. I woke up about a day and a half after I tried to take my life and now I feel more trapped than ever. That was my 4th attempt in the last 3 years. Can't even kill myself right!!!!! I think ok there must be more to life or I wouldn't be here but my mind is so focused on getting out that I am having trouble seeing the light. What do I do?????
  2. ACPhilosopher

    ACPhilosopher Active Member

    The best thing to do is just accept the fact that you are not able to end your own life, and go from there. It's just not that easy and every time you try, you are taking the risk of causing serious brain damage and winding up a vegetable. That would be far worse than just making the best of your life. There is nothing wrong with just admitting it is too risky and getting on with the business of living.

    If necessary, promise yourself that you will think about suicide again at a later date, say 10 years from now, and then just put it out of your mind completely. Proceed as if it's not an option, and spend your time thinking about other things that you actually enjoy. There are bound to be some subjects you would like to learn more about. It's a very interesting world we live in. Immerse yourself in mastering something new and that will go a long way in chasing the suicidal thoughts out of your head.

    Hope these ideas help!
  3. Black Sun

    Black Sun Active Member

    Dear Whatever1,

    Depression is called the "common cold of psychotherapy." For some of us, it reaches really deeply down into us and we no longer want to live. There are many causes and often the cure requires a "multi-modal" approach. First, there is the matter brain chemistry. Doctors and psychotherapists often prescribe drugs called "SSRI's" (selective seratonin reuptake inhibitors) which help some people. They have various side-effects which I don't like but that is still better than killing yourself. A great book on restoring brain chemistry is called "The Ultramind Solution" by Dr. Mark Hyman. He practices the medicine of the future, called Integrative Medicine, which focuses on restoring balance and equillibrium to the body and mind. Taking an amino acid called 5-HTP will increase seratonin in your brain. It is a precursor to tryptophan, crosses the blood brain barrier and converts to trytophan in the brain which then becomes seratonin aka. "the happy neurtransmitter." It should be taken on an empty stomach. I buy a version at iherb.com called Dr's Best which has vitamins B-6 and C included which are necessary for its conversion in the brain. There is much. much, much, more on this subject which needs to be learned. You may even need to see a doctor who practices Integrative Medicine.

    There are also psychological thought patterns which can make you depressed and a lack of a strong social support structure is definitely a a huge factor. If you don't have any close friends then maybe talking with people here or joining a 12-step group will be a major boost. I think it's important to be with people who share similar difficulties. You will feel heard and understood.

    I have to go now, I'm at work. I want to leave you with a really big hug for now and hope you'll write back soon. We all do! You are precious to us. Let us know what's going on!

  4. youRprecious!

    youRprecious! Antiquities Friend

    Hi Whatever1 - just to say that the above is all very good advice and lovely to read.... especially about the 5HTP - I used it for a couple of years and it really did help with the brain chemistry.....and the sleeping at night. It's gentle on the system, herbal based from a seed.

    There is certainly more to life hun, and it's worth staying to discover it. I know it's hard when you feel like you're in a black tunnel...... SF is a really valuable help for peer support. No one will judge or condemn you here hun, we're in this together :)
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