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I don't know what to do anymore no one understands

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I don't see the point in anything anymore. We try to fail. Dream to have our dreams broken. Love to have it not be returned. And we live to die. I feel like life is one big game, and I want to quit before I lose. I dont feel like I have anything to live for anymore. My family actually does ignore me, my friends don't understand what I go through with depression, axienty and being bipolar. I don't feel like my future is something worth going through all this pain. I probably won't even have a good future. I tried to tell people when this first started, but no one listens. I result to self harm, my way of screaming something is deeply wrong and that my bleeding inside hurts more than any amount of pain I could inflict on the outside. But no one listens. I feel like such a failure and a disappointment. I dont even want to live in this world, its an awful place. We kill our planet, animals, and each other. I just want to leave. I cant handle anything anymore. There is nothing worth the pain i feel.


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"we try to fail" fail is a good thing, everytime we fial, we learn something from it

we do not live to die, we live for happiness, life is not one big game but a journey of endless options and opportunities, your friends may not understand what your going through but we here certainly do, i was homeless as a kid and i can tell you, it was bad, the worst pain ive experinced in my life.

being left ou alone in the cold, sleeping on the streets, begging for money, strangers spitting on me and laughing at me everytime they walk by, but i knew where i was wasnt where im going to be. i knew i was going to change my life and get past that period of time.

even though ive been all that i can tell you it made me the man i am today, the strength and courage i earned on those streets made me strong an dhungry for more, hungry to do what i wanted and be something.

you can to, you just gotta use all those negative things in your life and use it as a fuel to be better,

those people who dont understand you..you dont need them, but i understand you, i knwo what your going through, everything your experiencing is called LIFE, i wish someone had been there for me when i was young , your here and we're here to support you

we listen to your every moment and most of all we understand your pain and what youve been through. IT GETS BETTER, but i cant do it alone, i need you to have that spark in your life, that spark that says "fuck you" to the world because you know that you will reach your goals.

to live is to suffer, to survive is to find the meaning n the suffering

brother, i hope you reply back
hey, I'm sorry that you feel this way

there are lots of bad things in the world, but there are good things too and things that can make it worthwhile

I think that sometimes the way we look at the world has a lot to do with the mood that we are in.

maybe getting better meds would help?

talking to other people here who are bipolar might help


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I know what you mean about not wanting to play the game anymore.. I gave up playing over twenty years ago..I don't miss it.. I have learned to live in isolation.. I have my dog, TV, Computer, Books, And Video games..Enough to keep me distracted..I've wanted to give up several times, and right now I am sitting on the fence.. I can go anyway..I'm seeing my pdoc in a couple of days and getting my meds adjusted..Hopefully it will help.. Have you had your meds adjusted lately?? Sometimes they quit working and you have to change meds.. Why don't you call your pdoc and let him know what is going on..


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Sometimes in life you need others. Do you have any friends you can talk about these things with? What do you do most of the day? Do you get out enough? Sometimes to exist we have to actually participate in the outside world. For me it has always been eays to get caught up in my worry and my small world. But whenever I get outside into the larger world I always enjoy it and never want to come back. But I come back everytime anyway. My advice to you is to not give up. Living out there in the world on your own is the only real way to be happy. It's hard at first because you have to learn the ins and outs. It's like someone gives you a circuitboard and you have to learn the inputs and outputs. But eventually you'll get it and life won't be as hard. This is why older people, when you ask them, most of them, do not want to go through their youth again. It's hard when you're young to climb up the ladder! It's probably the hardest time in life. Sure, most old people would love to have their youthful body again. Maybe one day we can keep people young or in good health. That won't make us live forever, in fact we probably will only live a couple hundred years due to other causes of death. There's no silver bullet. This is a hard world we live in. But without the hardship, there wouldn't be any meaning to any of it.
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