I don't know what to do anymore....

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    Well, 2 months after graduation, we got a job, during that time, we received a notification where we were going to be deployed and we were deployed to the farthest branch possible and will take me a total of 6 hour travel back and fort. Renting an apartment was out of my option since my mom wouldnt let me,her exact words were either you endure the travel or resign. And i did the latter, since i couldnt handle the 6 hour travel plus 10 hour work time. I only had a week at that company then i resigned. The process didn't take long but I am still ashamed that I only had a week there then resign immediately. And what makes things worse, I dragged my significant other to resign as well. The following week we tried to look for work near us. Did all the tests of all companies and everything, but unfortunetely most of them aren't hiring. It's been months now and we still havent found a job and i feel just terrible that I made a horrible decision of leaving without thinking of the consequences. Most of all, for dragging my significant other in this mess, i feel like he deserves more. I felt like i have destroyed him. We're both lost at this point. When we left our 1st job I promised him that I will fix everything. But right now, we ran outof options and i dont know what to do anymore. We're both falling apart but we just don't want to say it to each other. I dunno i jooned this site in the hopes of someone hearing my cry and give an advise or perspective. Anything so that i wouldnt feelso alone
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    Sorry you feel so bad. I don't know how old you are, but I have to tell you, when I was younger, I got and quit jobs like it was nothing because I never thought of the consequences. Mind you, I lived in a big city so there was always some burger joint hiring. Are you still living at home? Maybe you could look into some kind of work training program, you and your boyfriend? It might be time to start all over again. And can I just say that you need to stop taking blame for everything? Your boyfriend could have stayed, but he chose to resign as well. Sure, you may have influenced him, but he made his own choice, so forgive yourself for taking the blame for him too, it's hard enough that you regret your own resignation!! Easier said than done I know. Hope you're doing better.
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    Sorry to pry but why is your mom in chatge of your life decisions? You're an adult, start acting like one and rent an apartment if your deployment is still reactive