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I don't know what to do anymore

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Seriously, I just give up. I just feel like I had that little moment of free time from being myself and I was someone else for a while, someone happy. But now that person's gone and i'm back to my old self and I can't be that way again, nobody liked her, least of all myself.

Alright, so there are some good things in my life. I've got a great boyfriend, great friends.....but they just don't matter anymore. I don't care if I never see them again. I don't care if I never see my family again. I just give up. Everything has once again become too hard for me and this time I don't think i'm going to be able to tolerate feeling like this.

I guess my next step is to go to the doctors, see what they can do. Probably nothing....if they offer me counselling I can't take it cos i've had it before and it doesn't help me, I find it hard to open up to people, i'm like a bottle full of broken glass that just keeps being re-filled and then gets it's lid put back on it. But I'm nearly full now, and theres nowhere for the broken glass to go, so the bottle's going to be broken to get everything out....if that makes sense.

Well thanks for reading


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Makes perfect sense.

Go to the docs, you're obviously depressed and maybe some anti-depressants will help.

Have you any idea what lies at the bottom of these feelings?
If you need support, friends and family is fantastic support, and it seems yo have that. Why dont you care if you don't see them all again?

the broken glass was actually a really smart image to sum up what (I think) our trying to say.

Like Devastated asked, what do you think is the root of these feelings, why do you want to give up? There's always something worth fighting for


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thanks for replying

I've got no idea what the root of all this is...i've just been bottling up everything I feel for far too long and letting it out the wrong way and I just feel like i'm at the end now.
I've got too many things in my head to put my finger on whats actually causing me to feel like this, which is what makes it harder or me to talk about anything that might have caused this, because I just don't know where to start.

Thanks again
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