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I don't know what to do sugesstions?

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I have a chemical imbalance but I am on really good meds and it usually works. Lately though at work I feel like I am always been bullied for no reason. I've always gotten along with people really well. It just dosen't stop at work though no matter what I do. The thought keeps popping into my head take a extra dose of your meds and see what happens but I don't want to wind up in the hospital. I really don't know what too do and felt like here was the only place I could be honest. Any suggestions would be greatfull. I am considering leaving my current job and finding work elsewhere. What should I do?
If you have been on your meds for a while you may simply need an adjustment, or an additional drug meant to work with the ones you are already taking. I think you should call your psych and try to get an appointment for as soon as you can, see what he/she thinks would be the best course or action. If you fear he my try to admit you, suggest that you may need an adjustment to the meds at the very start of the session, that way he knows you are thinking rationally for the most part and will be very likely to trust that you don't need hospitalization.
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