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I Dont Know What to DO

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Ok, so here is the deal. I hate my life and hate living. I dont want to kill myself right now tho. I hate school, School is the worst thing in the world. I got to the BEST school in the area and I have a very low GPA. I cant leave the school becuase my parents wont let me. Therefore I cant get into college. I hate everything about my life. I dont knwo what to do. Do I have depression? Who should I talk to?? What would they do for me??? I cant take living anymore and hate life. I hate my parents becuase I am super ugly and im not surprised becuase I dont expect anything that comes from my parents to be good. I hate living, I hate Life, I just wanna die and i donr care what happens, I just wanna get out of here. And no Im not just fustrated or mad and just ranting. I am like this all the damn time


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Hey, It's okay.

Your Doctor would be a great person to talk to, and as much as you probabaly dont want to, your parents. If they understand how you feel perhaps some things might change.

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Yes, it does sound like you have depression and you do not deserve to suffer like this, you deserve to be happy.

Would you like to tell why you have a low GPA? The problem with me is that I can have a very high GPA, but its just that I do not want to study, I don't have the motivation and when I see my low GPA, I get more depressed and less motivated, its a vicious cycle.

I hope you can work on your grades, you are in high school yes? What year may I ask?
I dont know why I have a low GPA. I always want to turn it around but just cant get the motivation. I just dont feel like doing anything at all. My life is just so hard. From the biggest things to the smallest things like getting out of bed. If i dont get out n the right side I freak out. And if I stay up to late I go crazy. I just hate my whole life in general an sometimes I wonder wy gid is putting me thru this
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