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    I feel I've reached the dead end. I'm 20 years old male, currently living with a relative far from where I grew up. I've been dealing with depression for years, it's affecting me physically and every way. I now have ZERO friends, no supportive family, and no plans. I've basically been on a bed locked up in some sort of prison for the past 3 or 4 years.

    I think ive had enough. This isn't the first time I asked for help online, I've done so on reddit but can someone please tell me what to do? I'm barely functioning. I'm in very poor physical health due to depression and neglect. Up until recently, I was eating only one meal a day. What can I do to help myself? I've got no money, I have no clue what to do. I don't really want to die, but I don't want to suffer any more pain either.
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    Welcome to the forum. Ok, you are down but can you go back and live with your parents or grandparents? I only suggesting a change of scenery might help,with your current feelings.

    The malnourishment you are suffering is not help as you need at least two meals a day. You need to have a change of scenery in order to change your current mood levels.

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    The only reason I'm living with a relative in a foreign state is because my mom don't want to take care of me anymore. I don't like where I am now but I have no other options. One good thing where I am now is its easy to get <mod edit - method>, even for someone who's from out of state.
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    Cannot you find a homeless shelter and perhaps look for some seasonal work. You need to change your environment to get you out of this rut. The longer you stay the worse it will become. You need to change your surroundings or ask help from this relative. Surely they have some sympathy towards your family situation.

    There my must someone like an uncle or Aunty where you can go to??
  5. Arvin

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    Im not sure what to do next really. Im currently living with my uncle, he's the last relative I have that I can turn to really. Should I go to a hospital first? I mean I don't think I'm fit for work, not mentally, and not physically.
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    The hospital shoulf be able to help connect you with resources and services. What about calling 211 and asking them for help?
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    If you are not mentally well, then get assessed by your doctor. The rest in hospital with help and medication will help you get better. The important thing is that you are strong in yourself. Once you are strong in yourself then you can get on with your life. We care for anyone hurting and that includes YOU.