I dont know what to do :(

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  1. 3 monthes ago my life was like a living hell and it had been that for around 6-7 years because of me being unhappy in love and all that, then there were this girl who were kinda unhappy in love in me also, but she even said that me that nothing were ever gonna happen between us because i was never gonna love her and i felt really bad cuse i kinda thought that also, but then we started hanging out more often and 2 monthes ago we got togehter..

    I was really happy and i havent felt that kinda joy in a very long time, we were with eachother as much as we could and then 29/2 we were at m15 concert and everything was like normal and we had very fun... then the week after she got sick and i thought i let her be home for some days and let her rest, so a week after that i asked if we could meet but she said that she still didnt feel so good and didnt want to meet, then did she ask me if we could meet and i said yes but then again, she said that she didnt feel so good and didnt have the energy to meet and it went on like this for a while. She text messaged me some days after that she felt really bad for doing this and she wanted to meet and i really thought we were goin to meet this time but no, she didnt want to, then at a friday, vollyboll tournument between all the schools in my town we were goin to meet and yet again..

    we didnt meet and the week after i noticed she was really down and had even taken away "johan <3" at a presentation on a website and instead it stood "i dont know if i can anymore" i tried talkin to her but she didnt say much, then she uploaded some pictures and there were texts like she dont want this anymore and that. We still hadnt meet and she was still sick by the way, atleast what she says.. Then she stopped answearing my text messages and didnt answear when i called her cellphone, only when i called to her "home"phone if you understand what i mean neither did she answear me on msn anymore... i tried to get in touch with her but was really hard but i got then in touch at her "home"phone and asked whats happening and how shes feeling but she didnt say much and i asked if we could meet cuse i really missed her, she said yes..

    And the day after i called her again but the same old story, she didnt have the engery to meet... i tried talking to one of her friends but she didnt know what was going on, so i checked on another website she is registered on and she had been talking to some people there(guestbook) and they asked how she was and she said that she was kinda OK and they asked why and she answeard "Love problems" and i got really worried then and tried to get in touch with her but i couldnt... then 1-2 days later i saw that she had talked to another person and she answear why she felt like this and she answeard "mmh yeah, but i really dont know how im feeling about it anymore, and i know im acting like and idiot but..."

    and that happend this week and she still doesnt want to meet with me but then she text messaged me that we had to meet and we needed to talk, i said ok and asked how she was and that but she answear "I dont know, i really dont wanna talk about it now"

    and today i saw on her website on "Facts" Relationship, she had changed from "Taken" to "No Choice"(that she havent chosen anything)... and now i begun to see all the pieces falling together, she isnt loving me anymore..
    i am also pretty sure then we were gonna meet and she wanna talk about that thing is that she now wants a breakup..

    I feel really bad about this now, it feels like shes been fooling around with my feelings and i havent slept for almost 2 days now cuse i cant get this out of my head:sad:
    and also tomorrow she is goin out to town with some friends and have fun and on on the other website it she says she is still sick..

    we havent meet for 1 month now and this monday its my birthday i feel worse than i have ever felt before:blub:
    ive been thinking of just going to her house and ask whats going on but she lives kinda far away but im still willing to do that, ive also offerd myself a couple of times goin to her but she doesnt want to..
    I believe that she lost her feelings for me some time after she got sick but didnt say anything and just left all those small pieces for me to find... i dont really know but...

    I really dont know what to do right now and i feel like disappering... :cry:

    Sorry for my bad english but i hope you still understand :/
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    may be she`s just cunfused, or overwhelmed, wait untill you talk to her,and be prepared for everything^^
  3. i dont really know, i meet her today in town and well... acted like she didnt see me, i made small wave to here and she did wave back a little and kept walking... :/

    edit: she text messaged me now, and asked if we could meet tomorrow, and i said that we could... but im so afraid :cry:
    i really dont want it to end between us, i really love her
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  4. Well... she stopped by now... and now its over :( :cry:

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    Don't be sad. Everyone will go through heartbreaks at some point of their life. Love hurts and thats why the say it is always better to be loved than love. However, if she doesn't want to be in the relationship anymore, don't force her. Let her go. One day you will find a girl you love and who loves you back. then you will be happiest person on earth.