i don't know what to do

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    I have been seeing a counsellor and payment is based on sliding scale.

    The counsellor said i was not working so i didn't have to pay.

    After a few sessions, I felt guilty for not paying anything so I asked if i could pay something then she said to pick a number on the scale that i could pay.

    I picked the highest number on the scale to pay because i don't know how much i can affort to pay. I am unemployment benefits. Now i don't know what to do. I can't figure out if i can afford the number i chose or if i am forgoing things i need and sacrificing myself to go to these sessions with payment to feel that i'm doing the right thing. I don't feel I deserve anything. I wanted her to tell me how much i can afford to pay.

    my options are

    tell my counsellor the above and see what she says

    keep paying the amount i have chosen

    or i reduce the amount and tell her

    can't think of any others..

    Any advice, experience or anything?
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    Be absolutely honest with her. Hopefully she will see that your intentions were of a good nature.