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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by nickc, Dec 2, 2008.

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  1. nickc

    nickc Member

    So over the weekend my girlfriend and i went out for her work christmas party. We both ended up having too much to drink and the night ended with me beating the hell out of her and being arrested.
    I was the one who called the police. I went to court today and have been given a suspended sentence. I have never been in trouble with the police before and i have never done anything like this before.
    -i have lost the one person who i truely loved and hurt her more than i ever thought could be possible
    -i am in my first year of medical school and will now not be able to get a job if i graduate because i now have a criminal record
    -i have disappointed my family and my now ex-girlfriend

    My entire future has been shot to pieces because of a stupid drunken mistake.
    I really dont feel like going on
  2. Starlite

    Starlite Senior Member

    Hi nickc

    First, I have to say i don't agree with violence, whether drinking or not. However, I applaud you for "turning yourself in" to the police. That was a brave thing and the right thing to do. Losing your girlfriend and possibly a job in the medical field im sure is difficult thing to go through right now. Time will pass..just don't give up on your dream. It may not turn out as bad as you are contemplating it to be.
  3. Dying inside

    Dying inside Member

    i feel sorry for what happened to you but yet i hope u dont give up.
    to be honest i am completely against violence towards women but i understand that u were having too much to drink and im sure she understands that too.
    why dont u let her know how u feel about her and try to make it up to here and show how she is special to you and that never again will it happen
  4. Stranger1

    Stranger1 Forum Buddy & Antiquities Friend

    Hey Nickc,
    Hey you may have made a stupid mistake. But from what you have said you were probably only been charged with a misdeameanor. That isn't going to ruin your carrier. You were wrong to beat your girlfriend drunk or not.
    That relationship is more than likely over. You just need to reach down deep and pull youself togethor. My advice is stay away from the booze. Alot of people do things they don't mean when drunk. It's probably in your blood from some one down the line in your family.
    If I were you I would buy her some flowers and place in the card that you are sorry and you know the relationship is over but can we salvage our beeing friends. Better to have a friend than nothing at all! If she says no then learn from your mistake and move on with your life. I would crack down on your studies. If you were to graduate near the top of your class you will have plenty of people looking at your resume.
    Take Care and don't fortune tell, you have no idea what the future holds for you. Just give it your best shot. Good Luck!~Joseph~
  5. nickc

    nickc Member

    believe me, i always thought and still do think that men that beat women are the worst type of person on the planet. And now i am one of them.
  6. shazzer

    shazzer Well-Known Member

    Hi Nickc
    Don't give up on everything just because of whats happened. Yes you've messed up big time and violence whether drunk or not is not acceptable and you know that. You had the guts to face up to what you'd done by you phoning the police and not trying to run away from whats happened. And you've paid the price for it. I hope you don't miss out on the career you want because of this it may not turn out as bad as you think it will it was one stupid mistake and I hope you will have learnt from it and will never do anything like it again.
  7. Stranger1

    Stranger1 Forum Buddy & Antiquities Friend

    Hey Nick,
    We aren't getting down on you! If anything we are applauding you for doing the right thing. I think you realize now that you and alcohol don't mix. I quit drinking years ago The only time I drink is over the holidays and evryone in the family tells me to quit. I'm not violent They are just concerned with me drinking and taking all my meds.
    All you can do is apologize and walk away. You know from the way you said you were arguing she might have a problem with alcohol also. I don't think you need to rekindle that relationship. As I said earlier the best thing is to try to be friends and move on and find your other half. She is out there you just haven't found her yet. Your young you have plenty of time.Take Care!~Joseph~
  8. nickc

    nickc Member

    i dont want to find someone else. i know a lot of people wont believe me but i still really love her and i feel as though i ripped my own heart out when i did what i did.
    i am sorry this really isnt the place for this...
  9. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    Hi Nickc,

    I sort of know how you feel, Iv to appear in court soon for something I did while under the influence of something.

    You done a great thing by owning up and calling the police yourself. It takes great courage to do that. I'm sorry your feeling so down and that you feel you have let everyone down. There's only one piece of advice I can give..Learn from this mistake. Drink causes violence. I have had to give up drinking completely, I hope you do the same. :hug:
  10. nickc

    nickc Member

    i have sworn to myself to never drink again. i dont want something like that to happen again. The thing that hurts most is how much i hurt her, physically and emotionally. i can handle the rest of the stuff, just not that.
  11. nickc

    nickc Member

    thank you for your replies
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