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I don't know what to do

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I honestly considering getting help, I've been dealing with stuff for way to many years, and now it's really messing with my life and school to the point where i can barely function.
And I don't know how to tell my parents that I'm unhappy and messed up, and all this other stuff, i don't think they should know about, but i really need help. And i can't just admit myself into a mental hospital and just say nothing...

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Hi i know it take courage to reach out for help you started by coming here
another way to get hellp is to talk to your school councilor okay they will get you the connections you need the support you need.
Another way is to talk to your regular doctor your parents depending on your age will not need to know see what meds you can get for your depression and what therapy there is in the community for you
You are so smart acknowledging you need help and i hope you do go get it for YOU okay
Crisis lines the people there are good to talk to they will help you by just talking
If you are afraid you will harm yourself then go to the emergency dept of your hospital and ask to see crisis team there or oncall pdoc see what can be started there for you

No need to fight this alone okay reach out now and get some help so you can start feeling better soon hugs
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