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i dont know what to do


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so. me and myr. we gf of 2 years recently have been moving faster and faster, we havent had sex but we are okay with that, i dont mind and she wants to wait. but we keep going faster and we want it then, but then regret whatever we did after we did it, and i dont know what to do


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If you regret what you did after, it sounds like the best thing for you both would be to slow down. Maybe talk things over with her, try to keep yourselves out of the situations where things start to speed up, at least until you both are ready for it.


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Can you avoid the heat-of-the-moment situations for now? Try to find other things to do, maybe go out with other people or spend time in public so the temptation isn't there. Having less alone time will take away a lot of those moments.

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