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i dont know what to do

Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by anonymice, Nov 20, 2011.

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  1. anonymice

    anonymice New Member

    i googled suicide help because i dont know what to do and it brought me here
    this porbably wont even post because apparently i need to be approved by a mod so um yeah
    im very very close to taking my own life
    this wont be the first attempt but i hope it will be my last
    i really need someone to talk to and to help me
    but i dontknow what to say or do and i dont want to hurt anyone with my feelings
    i cant braethe and i fele like im going to have a panic attack
    please someone help me
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    I am sorry you are in such pain hun i do hope you have reached out and called a crisis line or your doctor anyone that can help hun It is good you have reached out here as well. Please stay safe call someone to spend time with you so you are not alone
  3. anonymice

    anonymice New Member

    i dont have any credit on my phone and im scared of using my house phone because my mum will find out.
    my doctor is lovely but i feel a bit shit because the last attempt i had i ODed on painkillers and then didnt get an appointment with my councellor for another two weeks
    i just odnt think they care
    my family is lovely but my add moved out earlier this year and he blamed my derpression as the cause of him leaving and he hates me, my mums so stressed with so many other things and i cant talk to my brothers at all.

    i have slightly calmed down from last night but i do still want to take my own life.
    every aspect of my life is awful.
    my boyfriend slept with my best friends little sister. my grades at school are awful because ive missed so mcuh school. i dont ahve any friends. my dad walked out. ive gained a lot of weight through comfort eating.

    im broken and i dont know how to fix me.
  4. Tea_at_Four

    Tea_at_Four Staff Alumni

    I'm glad you found the site, Anonymice. Keep posting in the forums, and come and hang out in chat. Take care of yourself.:smile:
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