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    Last month really sucked...well, it was worse than most months as my life is shit the majority of the time. Anyway, I got tired of dealing with my family and being scapegoated that I left. I had no plan or anything, but in a moment of frustration, I just had had enough of taking on more guilt than I deserved. Anyway, like the weak person that I am, I ended up staying with a friend. I've known this friend for two years, and while I appreciate her and all, she is a bit overzealous and assumes things a lot of times. For example, she is very passionate about God, something that I struggle with. Well when I stayed there at her house, she made it clear that cleanliness was important to her. Even though I am not one who goes overboard with cleaning, I understood this and respected it of course. The problem is, nothing was ever clean enough. For example she would complain about the carpet, even when I did vacuum and there was nothing to really pick up. Her spare bathroom was never clean....even after i wiped off the sink, and tried to be neat as possible. I mean i get it, it's about good hygiene and such, but it's still a little too much when things are clean and it's still not enough.

    But that wasn't the thing that bothered me the most...it was how she seemed to kind of intrude on my personal space. There were times when she would ask me very personal questions, some which had to do with sex. I found this not only a little intrusive, but strange seeing as she's all about God and stuff. She just made way too many assumptions about me, and she did this even before staying with her. It just made me uncomfortable and eventually I just had to leave.

    There is more, but I'm tired and I don't want this to be too long. I was grateful for what she has done, but that doesn't mean I agree with everything she does. I was considerate of her, but she doesn't always show the same effort of trying to be considerate of me. Sorry if all this sounded vague.
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    sorry things didn't work out staying with your friend.
    are you back home now?

    I would find it difficult to share my home with anyone because I am a germ freak..
    there would be incredible pressure on anyone who lived with me..