I don't know why I bother

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    Well yesterday was the fourth, and I did nothing. Thew only person That talked to me didn't feel good, so I didn't go to the fireworks. I have some, and didn't launch them off either. A ton of my team is down here, and no one called me. I talked to a bunch of them, and then none of the called me to see what was going on. I hate my life it's such a waste. I don't do anything I have no friends I have no one. I'll do anything for people, and what do I get back, nothing absolutely nothing. Noone wants to be my friend, no one wants to hang out with me, I mean, I'm in college, and I can't even get people to talk and drink or invite me to a party. I'm so sick of it all, I don't know why I bother. I try to be a good person, I always have been, I am always theee for friends and what do I get in return? Time to sound alone while these people go have fun.

    I hate my life.
  2. total eclipse

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    you should not wait to be invited you should just go
    if these friends are not supportive find new ones okay take care
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    Hey Krissi,
    I know how you feel.. I was always the one who would do anything for my friends.. The only reason They hung with me back then was I usually had some pot..When I didn't they would go to the bars and not even ask me to go..Well I quit smoking pot years ago and until I joined the forum I didn't have any friends..Just wanted you to know your not alone.. Keep posting here and let us be your friends...
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    Sounds like my fourth, I only went out for a long drive. I did not do anything else. No fireworks, no friends, no nothing. I burned up roughly $70 in gas. You are not the only one hun. :hug: Sometimes with people you just have to invite yourself. You just have to ask them what they are doing. Who knows maybe they did not have plans either.

    College is a rough time hun. However, the best part about college is that you do not have to be invited to attend a party. You just have to go out and attend one. Trust me when I say my college experience was a lot like your current one. No one wanted to hang out with me, no one told me about parties nothing. Mostly because of my own personal choices. If I had a chance to go back and change that I would.

    :mhmm: I am sure you will be able to make a friend. Just look around for people in you major. Talk to them, see people who you have taken classes with or have multiple classes with. I know it is scary, but you can do it. Take care hun, PM me any time if you want to talk.
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    I think people do not communicate as well as they should. I would have talked with all of my friends weeks before the fourth, and made plans with them. They are your friends after all, and I am sure they would love to hang out with you if you would express you desire to hang with them. Relationships take communication and effort. You have to talk frequently, hang out and have fun when you can. Learn how to balance school work with fun, and make your life work for you. I am sad you had such a crappy day. If you were me, I would take those fireworks and shoot em off tonight and invite people over to help. I would not act hurt, but I would definately express my desire to be more involved in future activities or plans. I would use this night to show them how fun I can be. This is my PO. Blessings..
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    thanks guys,

    i went to the parade today, i met one of my friends there, and saw a few other people. i have my one friend, and once again i was told if anyone hears of something going on theyll tell me. i doubt it, but its ok i was social today...i guess its a start...granted i only really talked to 2 people...but o well

    my birthdays comin up, maybe ill just tell people to come over and see if anything happens...i duno
  7. Forgotten_Man

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    That is awesome hun :). I wish I could be as social as you were. Inviting people over for your birthday will also help. People like to be welcomed into anothers house.
  8. Failure_By_Design

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    it kinda sucks and is scary too thou, im gunna be 21...i live in the us...so its kinda almost a big deal lol...anyways.. i already asked one of my friends if hed go out to the bar with me...he said maybe which ive known him for like 3 years...its his way of saying no i dont want to...so im kinda hesitant to ask anyone else...i know hes not doing anything that night, and when it was mentioned today he was just like o no when did i say no blah blah blah...

    either way, i got ditched this weekend a bit, with people not calling me back or texting back or what not...i dpont wanna get ditched on my birthday too, thatd be a major trigger i think at least for me...

    so i guess, should i risk the trigger of being ditched? or just elimiate the potential trigger by not planning anything?

    thats what ive been toying with in my mind, any ideas would be welcomed <3
  9. Forgotten_Man

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    O.O ooo a 21st birthday :p I would join you if I could. However, I doubt you live anywhere near by me. I would if I could though. I will admit that my 21st birthday was nothing special. You do not have to cave to peer pressure to go out and get drunk.

    I know this makes me hypocritial, however, you should enjoy your birthday because you want too, not because others are there. If no one is there, go out to the bar anyway. Make a little badge that says "Card Me". Bars make a big deal out of 21st birthdays. If anything you could tell a story of how all your friends ditched you and make new friends.

    Or you can do what I do, just treat your birthday like any other day. On my birthday I worked over time and did chores. No presents, no friends, nothing. As I tell everyone nothing good came from this day why bother celebrating it? I have missed all my major milestones, I do not really care to be honest. I hit my last major milestone last monday, 25. Now there is nothing left for me.

    The choice is yours hun.
  10. Failure_By_Design

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    i think im gunna invite people over, and if they dont come over, then ill just go to a bar on my own, if i can muster the courage, if not i think ill buy some beer and have a few legally lol