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i dont know why i continue

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by martenjr3, Jul 12, 2012.

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  1. martenjr3

    martenjr3 Member

    i am so tired lately and i dont know why i decide to move forward. i am depressed and i feel like life is empty. suicide is a cowards way out i have been told but when pain depression and failure i feel in my heart and mind what should i do? medicine is the key i was told told but they didnt seem to work. i need help but everyone around i reach out to says i whine too much or complain about everything. My friend think i live this good life with my parents beause my mom and dad are together. but on the inside of the wall my parents hate each other and only stay together because of me. i had nice things but in a sence thats all i had...i've never had parents that gave guidance or insight. just people i lived with that told me how lucky i am that they do what they do. i tried talking to my mom about how i feel now. but all she says is "you cant save them all" and my dad doesnt care to listen. my close friends each think im overeacting and think im selfish since i lived the "good life". i have ben outcasted all my ife by everyone. no one would care if i died. i hurt so bad and i have no one. everytime i try to call hotlines for help or use forums online they delete my messages or dont listen. i just want the pain to go away i just need someone to talk to or to understand just once. please someone what do i do. i cant hold much longer....
  2. JmpMster

    JmpMster Have a question? Message Me Staff Member Forum Owner ADMIN

    I am glad you found this forum. Sadly, many many people have faced exactly as you describe and continue to do so now on a daily basis. This is not to say you are not important but to remind you that you are far from alone.
    You can not control the thoughts,feelings, or actions of others so there is no point in trying to or to even expend energy trying to figure out how to do that. Instead if people are truly non supportive and make things worse rather than better if possible get them out of your life- if that is not possible then deal with then in as minimally as possible. This may include family members that are simply in no way there for you when you need to say nothing of emotionally abusive ones.
    Medicines can help , depending on what they are being taken for, you did not mention any particular disorder so you know better than I but even if not a cure they certainly can help with the symptoms. It is often a process to find the right meds and the right doses to have a beneficial effect and in order to provide effective care the medical professional needs to understand all that is wrong so you need to talk to them. I have seen/read literally hundreds of people that say they do not share completely or even outright lie to the psych or MD and then complain the meds and doses of these meds they receive are ineffective. I am not implying at al that is the case with you but something to keep in mind if looking for pharmacological help - which can help.

    People do care - you just need to figure out who you can count on and who you can not and sort them better. If you feel the urge to talk stop by chat - almost always somebody in there.

    Be Safe

  3. Socrates13

    Socrates13 Member

    Sorry to hear about that bud, just know that you're not on your own and we will listen and try our best to understand. I know how it feels to feel completely isolated from the people you are supposed to love, but do not despair.
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