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I dont know

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These last few weeks have been so shitty, shit is not even the word for what i am feeling like right now, i asked for help two weeks ago, i never got that help, i want to die so bad, well i feel like i want to die so bad, i hate this feeling, it feels like its eating me up. The other day one of my friends, she is a little older then me, said that she would get help for me the next day because she knew i could go on like this, i was and am so suicidal right now, the thoughts are there like 24/7 for the past few weeks, anyways, she never did get help for me, and i just dont know what to do because i cant do it alone, i cant go to the doctor and tell him how i feel, i think it would be weird doing that. I think i need more then just some pills, cause its not just in the head its in my heart, which hurts even more.
I dont expect anyone here to give me advice, i just wanted to share what i feel and that i am not sure what to do any longer....


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I'm sorry you're feeling that way. I can't offer much, but I do know how you feel. Maybe you could watch some tv, read, write or listen to music? I hope that it passes soon, anyway.
yes i do listen to music and i love it, i try to listen to it day and night, sometimes i want to listen to it when i am at work but i cant cause there are no mp3 players allowed but its good stuff for sure


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You probably do need more than pills....SEE YOUR DOCTOR and request some therapy :hug: :hug: :hug:
well i dont even have the pills yet, but i do know that i need more, today was a day where i would have had the courage to ask the doctor, but i had to work long and the doctor had no appointments open :(...
so have to see when the next time is for me to have the courage
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