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    This isnt really a yelling thing. It could probably go under the suicidal feelings thing, but whatever. The title really explains it all. I just dont know. I keep thinking "I cant do this anymore", but I just tell myself everything will be better later. But it doesnt get better. Heh. Ya. I guess I sound like some idiot whining. Thats how I feel. Im not cripled. Im for the most part healthy. Im not handicapped. I dont live on the street. Like...I should feel so lucky to be blessed by not having any of those issues. Yet even though Im grateful, Im not happy. Why should I get to complain? My life isnt as bad as anything I mentioned. My brain just doesnt seem to get that. So ya. Things keep getting worse and its so fucking hard because each time it happens I tell myself I can handle it, but I dont know anymore. Right now, Im not so sure. I'll probably just go to bed and keep this cycle going forever. Not really a big deal. I dont even know why Im posting this. It doesnt even matter. If no one replies, Im going to feel ignored, but if people reply, I will feel like such an idiot for posting this. I AM an idiot for posting this. I guess you cant ever be happy when all you want from life are opposites. Everything is an opposite anyway. It just doesnt matter. It just doesnt.
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    Hun, i dunno what to say really but i don't consider you an idiot what so ever! you an amazing person and i care for you alot!!

    Im here for you if you ever wanna talk.

    Love ya lots,

    Vikki x