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I don't... know

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What am I doing here? Honestly!

Nobody take this to heart please

What good does it do for me to be here? I do nothing but cause problems for others.. and end up triggered of upset myself.

Once a mod. no longer because why? I do nothing good here. Now a monitor.. again to do no good. You don't need me here.. I have no purpose. I get in the way. I'm constantly in the way irl. and now here too...

I guess "you" were right when you said I came here to fit in.. because I don't fit in when it comes to real life, and yet, I can't even fit in here.

Spend my life running in circles to find a place to belong. Never able to find it.

Jess, you came back here for a reason and only you know in your heart why you truely came back. I think you belong here. Im allways here for ya no matter what and im not gonna give up on ya.

Love ya,

Vikki xxx
You DO do good Jess :( I guess you just don't see it...you do belong here too :hug: I don't know what else to say to change your mind... :(
You will always be welcome here :hug: :hug: :hug:
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