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  1. so, i haven't been around here in a while, wanted to see if i could cope without coming here. to be honest, i didn't miss the place too much, just the people. but, this place isn't the same as it was when i first came here. it was way better. i sound like some old fogey now ranting about 'back in my day'. i'm not even that old.

    i don't know anymore. things just aren't worth it. i can't control anything any more. asides from cutting, but i know i'll lose control of it again sooner or later like i did last time. or i'll get caught. of course, i won't be able to stop until then either. life's just a piece of shit, and that is that.
  2. resistance

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    :hug: Anything in particular in life making you feel particularly shitty? If you miss the people why not pop in and say hi, I'm sure people have missed you too. :) As for SF changing, I guess everything changes, new members arriving, old members leaving for numerous reasons but the supportive base is still here and that's the main thing I reckon. Feel free to drop me a PM if you wanna chat anytime. :hug:
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    I think each organization goes through phases...it is just the natural course of things...if there is something missing, that used to be there, why not see if we can 'fix' it together...but that should not stop you from seeking/giving support...please let us know if there is anything we can do to support you! big hugs, J
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